1200 EUR

ANTONI TÀPIES (Barcelona. 1923-2012)
Empreintes de main

Lithographie 11/120 auf Rives Bütten 1980
original signiert

67 x 54 cm

Editeur: Erker Presse (St. Gallen), Werksverzeichnis Galfetti 737

Aufwendig versilbert gerahmt.

Antoni Tàpies was a Spanish artist known for his mixed-media paintings that incorporated marble dust, found objects, and resin as seen in his seminal work Grey and Green Painting (1957). Social themes run throughout his highly textured and tactile paintings, which were influenced by his experience of the politics and environment of the wartime and the postwar state of the Spanish government. “If one draws things in a manner which provides only the barest clue to their meaning, the viewer is forced to fill in the gaps by using his own imagination,” he reflected.


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